Insync 3.0 Linux: Show UI when no status area

Hi Folks,

If you’re using a Linux desktop such as elementary OS’s Pantheon that does not have a “status area”, how do I get to the UI with Insync 3.x?

If Insync is running automatically on login there’s no way to get to the UI as running the app from the Applications menu just quits because there’s an instance already running.

In v1.x I could run insync show on the command line to get to the UI.

Any similar workaround for 3.0?

Hi @ianmjones,

Let me check this with our Linux engineer. :slight_smile: What’s the current Insync 3.x build you got-- is it


Yes, 64bit .deb (Ubuntu)

Just updated to amd64, still can’t get to the UI, unless there’s some magical incantation I’m missing?!

Hi @ianmjones, we recently released 3.0.16. :slight_smile: While it seems difficult to add tray icons for ElementaryOS, we improved the behaviour when starting Insync via favourites tab/app dock in the latest version.

Let me know how it goes!

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Works like a charm!

I can now just click/launch Insync from the Applications menu and it just shows the window if already running.

Thank you @miamoran and friends, with that I’ve purchased a second license for OneDrive to go along with my Google Drive license.

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@ianmjones Glad to hear it’s more seamless now. Thanks for the trust and support! :metal::metal:

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