Insync blank screen

Can I give you some sort of logs to solve my problem with the latest version of Insync? Before the update, my Google Shared Drives where blank as if InSync can’t get the data from Google anymore then I noticed an update for InSync so I thought that I may need to install the latest version. After installing it, InSync would appear as a blank black GUI then crashes.

Update 6/22/2020 7:38 AM GMT +4:
InSync opened but Google Shared Drives are empty and when I try to disconnect the account, it crashed. I noticed that it was consuming around 3.6 GB RAM before it crashed so maybe the 4 GB limit of InSync is also true.

Hi @Jon2020,

Yes you can-- please send your logs.db and out.txt files to You can find them by typing%appdata%\insync when clicking your windows key.

Please include a link to this post in the email. Thank you!

Hi @miamoran,

I sent the logs as requested. Please check and let me know. I’m a new user of InSync and I would really love for it to work.

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I have this same problem after updating to :expressionless:

Hi Adam! Could you send your logs.db to with the link to this post as well?