Insync - File system and contents changes not recognized in app

I am currently experiencing an issue where Insync is not syncing all files up to google drive in active folders.

For example, I have a footage folder structure synced in insync:








Camera A

Reel 1

When footage is imported from the media cards, it goes into a folder structure (Camera A > Reel 1)

The Insync app is only recognizing the folder as “New Folder” The initial name of the folder before it is renamed.

The footage inside is not shown in the Insync App, and when scanning the directory it does not pick up any changes to the folder and the contents do not show.

We have always had the ability to continuously sync changes on our server with insync, however this functionality has recently ceased.

Is someone able to shed light on this issue?

Hi! Does the file appear after rebooting Insync? When you create a folder, rename it locally, reboot Insync, does the new file name show in the app?

Can you please send your log files to as well? :slight_smile:

The file doesn’t show at all, it’s not just a naming update problem. The folder name doesn’t update, and no contents (usually 60GB+) within the folder are picked up by insync.

Will send logs now, Thanks