Insync 3.5.1 keeps scanning and not synching

Hello! I have Insync 3.5.1 in a PC with Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (I bought Insync today).
I’m trying to backup my data to the cloud, but Insync keeps scanning and not synching.

Hi, do you have a lot of data in your chosen local Base Folder (sync location) or are you starting with an empty folder?

Also, is there a lot of data in the cloud (even if you haven’t synced anything) that maybe Insync is sifting through when you boot the app?


I started with an empty folder and there was not a lot of data in the cloud.

I fixed the problem manually. It was possible because I had few files where Insync kept scanning.
What did I do to solve? I copied and pasted each file for which the problem occurred. The copy file was synced to the cloud, then I deleted the original file and renamed the copy file.

Thank you!

Hi @rveroneze :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know what workaround you came up with. If you want us to check this out further, please feel free to send your logs.db and out.txt files, both of which are located in ~/.config/Insync.

ok, I will send these files for further analysis.

Hi, I’m having a similar issue with 3.5.3, start syncing and then some files are uploaded/downloaded, then get stuck.
Sometimes when I pause/restart it continue with the files, but then stops again.
I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.

Ah… and I have a ton of files!

I sent the request files for the analysis of the Insync team. I hope they fix this bug soon.

@Jorge_Cornejo Hi! Could you send your log files to by following this guide? I’ll check if there are related “rate limit” errors that’s manifesting as a stuck sync.

Same here. I tried to start/restart, pause/resume and reboot. I reinstalled Insync. I removed a ton of files. And now I tried syncing one directory at a time. It is still getting stuck after a while.

Hi @Dennis_Damen,

Could you let me know if you’ve sent your logs.db and out.txt files to I’ll check it out to see if it shows up some errors (that may not be displayed in-app).

It was a new computer that needed to sync about 400GB of data. But the problem has been solved.

I ran insync with the --no-daemon and debugging enabled. I saw a rate limit error. I stopped insync on my other computers and I kept insync running on my new computer only. I shut down insync for an hour or so each time progress halted again.

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Hi @Dennis_Damen,

Many thanks for the update. Indeed rate limit error is one of the main causes of a stuck syncing behavior, especially when a large sync job is ongoing. We are working on this closely with our engineers to be able to deploy a more permanent solution.

Let me know if this persists moving forward.

Hi Mia,


I small tip might be to simply let users know in the UI. If I would have known this was the case, I would have been more patient.


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@Dennis_Damen, that makes perfect sense. Let me send that to our engineers as a UI improvement so we can improve how the app communicates with the users. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. My app version is on 3.7.9.

Could you send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post, @pedroufop? :slight_smile: The log files can be found by following this: c