Insync 3.7.7 stuck on scanning folder, although downloading continues

I’m syncing 1TB Google Drive cloud-data to a local external harddrive. In other words: my use case is a cloud-to-local data transfer. I’m working on Windows 11 and use Insync v3.7.7.50360 with Solo Sync license. My internet connection is very fast: download speed around 100Mbps and upload speed around 30Mbps.

I’ve seen several posts on this forum about syncing getting stuck. In my case, the syncing itself seems to continue, but the scanning is stuck:

As you can see in the screenshot, the scanning bar is stuck at some random folder:
This is a small folder. There is absolutely no reason why scanning this folder should take several hours.

Despite this problem, downloading continues. Well, kind of. Downloading halts sometimes for a few minutes, then continues again. It’s alternating between a few minutes on, then a few minutes off. Note that the downloaded files are actually unrelated to the folder where the scanning got stuck.

Please have a look at my log files. I’ve uploaded the files log.db, out.txt and settings.db to my server (I use this server to host a website, but I sometimes use it to share a file conveniently):

[links removed for user privacy]

Hope you can help me out.

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Thank you for sending the files our way, @kristofmulier!

I have forwarded this issue to our engineers to see why Insync is stuck scanning on that particular folder while the download seems to chug along. I’ll keep you posted once I have more information.

Hi @kristofmulier :slight_smile:

As per our engineer, Insync doesn’t sync items all at once to avoid consuming large amounts of resources on the user’s machine. The sync is still waiting for other items to finish syncing, in this case, the ongoing downloads.

We can confirm that the stuck scanning is a harmless UI bug since the progress bar is shown right away even if we’re still waiting for other syncing items to finish. Our engineers are looking into ways on how we can improve cases like yours so that the app is communicating information accurately. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about this and I would be happy to answer!

Hi @mia,
Thanks for your reply. I can confirm that the syncing completed successfully after a few days.

Kind regards,

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That’s great to hear, @kristofmulier :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.