Insync 3 link sharing?

Looks like the file manager integrations (at least Nautilus and Windows Explorer) don’t have the option to copy sharing links in the context menu.

Is there any plans to add it?


Yes, this is in the works.

Has it been added? IT seems there is only option to open a share dialog - I would like the old 1.5.7 behaviour where it would directly copy a sharing link to the clipboard. That was really useful!

Hi @drew! Thanks for bringing this up. Let me bump this feature request and have it reconsidered in an upcoming projects cycle. I appreciate you voicing out your feedback!! :slight_smile:

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This is a great crucial feature, especially for Linux (Nautilus or KDE’s Dolphin or something else)
Is it there yet ?

Is there any existing level of integration with KDE that I’m missing ?

Thanks in advance

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One alternative is a right-click menu option to open the file in question directly in insync so that from there, one would be able to quickly copy the sharing link.

it saves a lot of navigating time!!

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Very valid points raised, @shamaho. I will send this to our Product Team for further assessment :slight_smile:

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