Insync 3 Major functionality missing

I don’t know why you released v3 without major functionality like the Activity page or the right click context menu. It makes me want to downgrade again. When can we expect these features back? The ability to right click and share a link was something I used constantly.

Hi Greg, so sorry about that. We’re planning to add this back as soon as possible. Keep checking back here to see when it’s already updated.

For the meantime, to maintain these features, 1.5 is still available here: Insync 1.5.7 builds

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I think a BIG mistake was made in offering Insync 3 as an update rather than a BETA program. People expect it to work at least as well and not drop features in an update.

A lot of average, and perhaps advanced users, would wait until v 3.X was actually finished before trying it out. I know I did and regretted it right away.