Insync 3 unresponsive UI on Windows

The Insync UI on Windows is making it almost unusable. It is highly unresponsive, which has a variety of effects, including:

  • Clicking buttons often does not appear to do anything
  • Moving the window around on screen is jerky and often results in it getting “stuck” to the cursor, which is very frustrating
  • Sometimes I have an “Error” icon in the system tray but no visible errors in the feed/action required

Also, why can’t I resize that stupid tiny window?

And others.

Will this be addressed soon?


May I ask what version are you currently on?

For now, resizable windows aren’t available yet. I apologize. But our UI team is working on it for a future version :slight_smile:

A few more questions:

  1. Is there a spike in Insync’s memory and CPU usage when it’s unresponsive?

  2. Does it happen when they are browsing a folder in the cloud browser with a lot of items inside it or on random occasions?

On Linux it is also impossible to resize the window. This is especially non-functional with a HiDPI screen - the insync3 window is so small, with such small text, it is unreadable.

Resizable windows aren’t available yet. If you need a fix for your HiDPI issue in Linux, please do send an email to Thanks!

Me too! I decided to finally upgrade to Insync 3 and immediately regretted it. Many of these same issues (minus the “Error”).

It wouldn’t even log me in at first. Then eventually the “Add a Google Account” button worked and I got the Chrome window that said " You should now be logged in. You may now close this page. If you haven’t bought a license already, you can check out our pricing plans [here.]". HOWEVER, it would just stay on “Add a Google Account” page and not go anywhere. After many attempts it finally let me go through the rest of the linking steps but never synced anything.
So then I decided to try uninstalling that and installing 1.5 instead…now same issue. After MANY tries on at least two different computers and networks it is the same thing. It will sometimes eventually link but I haven’t had anything sync at all in either version on any computer - IF I can even get it to link to my account to begin with.

I absolutely loved Insync for the longest time and now since a few months ago - things were not syncing right and now not at all. :frowning:

Hi @wamh86,

I’m so sorry for all the trouble you had to go through when you chose to migrate to 3.0.27. :frowning:

Do you recall if you clicked “Sync” or “skip syncing” when you were setting up your Drive? Could you also confirm if you tried the alternative login method for Insync 3 and Insync 1.5.7?