Insync 3 - Unsupported file type error

  • Version : - Xenial Amd64
  • OS: Gnu/Linux Mint 16

I am trying to sync my Org mode files (txt files with .org suffix) and when I save the file the following error occurs:
Unexpected error doing AddCloudItem: (‘Unsupported file type: %r’, ‘L’)

It provides me the action to Retry, but sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn’t and shows the same error. Just a little bit earlier I lost completely my org file, and I was forced to retrieved it from history two day ago, since the most recent one, were just empty files.

Any idea why this is happening?

Hi @gkirtzou

Really sorry for the late reply. Is this error still happening?

If so, can you please try updating to our latest version 3.0.9 from If the error persists despite the update, please send over an email to! :slight_smile:

Dear nikki,
I posted this error first, and then show that beta 3 testing should report to the email! The reported error have been resolve since v3.0.8 I think. I have now updated to v3.0.11 and I hope that everything will work like charm.


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