[Insync 3] Unsyncing folder gives Unexpected error during RemoveLocalItem: [Errno 39] Directory not empty

I’ve tried to unsync a folder today and I’ve got mentioned error and the folder still appear on a file system.

I’m using Fedora 30 KDE, Insync

Hi @Lord_Phoenix,

So sorry for the trouble! Could you please send your log files to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post?

Does this file still have a green check on your app window after the error showed up?

It actually showed that it was unsynced in the app window. I’ve manually removed the folder and error disappeared and everything seems in order. I’ll try again and see maybe it’s caused by selinux (my audit log got rotated)

I’m experiencing the exact same thing.

For the Insync 3 developers: I’m seeing this with several folders, and I think the key is that they all still contain symlinks, .gddoc, and .gdsheet types, but nothing else. Double-check the code to make sure it is removing these file types as well as all the other file types when a folder is “unsynced”.

Hope that helps.


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In my case it looks like non-recursive delete, so the whole thing needs to be reviewed, I think.