Insync add_account: error: unrecognized arguments:

insync-headless add_account 4/AAHDr2WTHXUqdmgvPIiqsPVdBMpIbIrq.....
usage: insync add_account [-h] [-a AUTH_CODE] [-p PATH]
                          [-e {open-document,ms-office,link}] [-n]
insync add_account: error: unrecognized arguments: 4/AAHDr2WTHXUqdmgvPIiqsPVdBMpI....

Ubuntu: 16.04

Simply can’t add account.


Sorry I can’t help you, but I’m having the same problem on Ubuntu Server 18.04. Hopefully someone knows whats going on.


Hi @schellenbergenator

Can you try to run the command insync-headless add_account -a AUTH_CODE

You can get the AUTH_CODE from

Please let me know if this works :blush:


That worked great, Thanks.

Now I have another question maybe you can answer. How do I change the location of the sync folder on insync headless?