Insync and iCloud issues


For macOS Sierra (10.12) users, please take a look at Insync and iCloud sync.

Basically, in order to avoid any possible issues, we recommend that you don’t sync your Insync folder (or other syncing folders and items) with iCloud sync.


One of the reasons why it would be handy to be able to use iCloud Drive as a location for the InSync folder is that iCloud Drive folders are accessible on iOS devices. For example, if one is editing a Microsoft Office file on an iPad, it would be nice to save it to an InSync folder, and have that upload to GDrive via Insync, just as one can do on a desktop computer.

In the absence of being able to locate an Insync folder on iCloud Drive, is there any other way to save an Office file on an iOS device to an Insync folder?


You guys should have mass emailed all of your Mac customers to warn about this… I am having major issues. I used insync for years, since 2014, and have had no issues, and have been a paying customer. I’ve emailed submitted a support request / questions through the support page of the site, about 3 days ago, and then emailed support twice yesterday, and have had no response. (already sent activity logs, and questions) and have spent all of the last week trying to fix the problems. Pls help me with just replying to my emails please… I run a small startup company, and all of our legal and accounting docs are lost because of this… I hope we can resolve it, so pls lmk and help with my emails.