Insync and the file sensitivity flag

Hello, I use Insync on Linux to synchronise with Google Drive shared drives, but it has just been pointed out that synchronising seems to remove the file sensitivity flag on files. Is there a way to sync with this intact? Thanks, Derek

Hi @Derek_Keats!

Thank you for bringing this up. To clarify my understanding: did you mean that the locally synced copy of the file no longer has that flag?

That is what I interpreted from my IT guy who was complaining about security flag not set, but I just tested it, and if a flag was set it persists, even through renaming of the file.

So it seems that there is no way to set that flag when a file is added for the first time. Perhaps a future feature?

I’ll take note of this - thank you for clarifying and providing more information! I’ve changed the tag on this forums thread to feature requests.