Insync app not showing all drive folders



Recently my Insync app is not showing all the folders on my google drive. In the case I’m referring to, I have a folder on Drive, called “Clients” (not synced to my computer), and inside that folder I have several other folders. Yesterday I could navigate trough all the folders inside my Clients folder and the choose which one I would like to sync, but now it only shows a few folders and just shows at the bottom the information: +91 Items… But for me to see those “+91 Items” I only have the option to sync it, but I don’t want to sync them all, I want to chose which ones I need to. I have Insync 1.5.4 and Mac OS High Sierra.

Thank you.


Hi @Tiago_Lisboa

Sorry for the trouble! :frowning: Are you experiencing something similar to this? If so, please send your log files as well as the complete file path of your “Clients” folder to

Could you also let me know if this is in Team Drives or My Drive?


Hi @miamoran!
Hum, I’m not experiencing those problems, as far as I could check, everything is syncing properly. But I just can’t see all folders on my Drive. I have already deleted InSync and all its folders and then reinstalled it, but it’s still happening the same. :confused: It shows all parent folders and their content. Only on that parent folder which is the bigger one, it doesn’t show all the child folders, scrolling down on it e shows that message “+91 more items” with the option to sync it… But clicking on it, it starts syncing all those 91 folders left and all their content…

This in My Drive.

Thank you.


Could you snap a screenshot of how that looks like on your Insync app window? If you prefer it via email, just send to with the link to this post. :slight_smile:


Shure, here it is:

Thank you. :slight_smile: