Insync Arm build

Many people use Arm-based devices such as Raspberry Pi with Linux desktop. Affordable yet fairly powerful, application of Arm device is increasing. I also bought an Arm-based Linux-desktop tablet (PINETAB2) and find it very handy and fun.

However, we have no desktop apps for file syncing program such as Dropbox and Google Drive for Arm platform. This is why I cannot make full use of my tablet as almost of my daily data is on these drives.

Insync has a potential needs to add Arm users (Linux … or even Windows) for this world. Current build is just version 1 based, and is headless (not suitable for daily desktop use). It is my great pleasure if your team considers build of Arm-platform-based Insync. I am happy to be a beta user for it.

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I have installed Linux on a macbook m1 pro and an Insync application for this architecture will help many users
Can you provide us with a solution?
I will be happy to assist you by testing the app

Giannis Tsoulos

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions, as well as the interest in being a beta user!

Other users have also shared the need for an ARM build recently, and I’m happy to forward this feature request to our engineers for future consideration. While I am not able to provide a roadmap or an ETA, we always encourage our users to comment about the features they need - like this thread! The more voices we can add to a request, the more pressing the issue and the more attention it will get from the engineers. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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