Insync automatically appending .txt to extensionless files

My Insync ( on Windows 10 keeps adding .txt to all files without an extension that I create. This only happens while Insync is running and only for files in folders that are managed by Insync. The Insync feed shows “You renamed to .txt”. Is there a solution to this besides closing Insync, creating the file and reopening it?

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@RikuXan Sorry for such a delayed response. Please send to us the Insync logs at so that we could look into this:

Hi. I’m having a similar problem with Insync 1.3.22 on Windows 10, although it is does not seem to be specific to the .txt extension.

If i create a file into an Insync managed directory, then rename by removing the three-letter extension (e.g., => test), a few seconds later that extension is re-appended and a message appears in the Insync feed saying “You renamed to .abc”

There seems to be some memory about the extension when initially created. If i rename to test.txt then to test … it reverts to, not test.txt.

If the file had no ext at creation, this does not occur. If i pause Insync, rename the file, then resume sync, it does not occur.

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Is this still a problem? I’m considering buying but won’t if this is an issue. Can someone close this ticket if it isn’t?

Problem still occurs on
I finally got around to sending the logs in, forgot to do so when I initially reported this, maybe it’ll be fixed now (though I don’t know if this is actually so hard to reproduce that my logs would be essential to the solution of this)