Insync cannot upload desktop folder to the cloud


When I try to make a link with Insync from windows 8.1 desktop folder to the insync folder, all the content inside the desktop folder doesn’t be uploaded by the app. However, insync does create the link.

Thank you very much.

@Juan_Manuel_Gallardo Sorry for the inconvenience this causes you. What is the error message you are getting under actions required? Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to

Please also include the link of this post. Thank you. :smile:

Please, forgive the delay in replying. Insync didn’t show me any error, it cannot realized that I added the link from the desktop folder to the Insync folder. A few days after that, I tried again and it Insync began to upload the content of desktop folder. I think that the reason it was because I rebooted my computer. I mean that I normally hibernate the computer weekdays and when I rebooted the computer Insync process started again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks a lot.

@Juan_Manuel_Gallardo I’ll assume that everything is working as expected :slight_smile: If you have any issues or concerns, shoot us an email to so we can get back to you soon.