Insync-cef.exe anyone know what this is? (in Windows)

I have Insync installed with 3 Google Drive accounts on my Windows 7 PC, and so far everything seems to be running smoothly–which is why I posted this as Everything Else rather than Windows Bugs & Issues.

Looking at my Task Manager, I noticed Insync has two entries:
Insync.exe *32
Insync-cef.exe *32

The first makes sense, but does anyone know what the second one is for? On a fresh boot, the first one is using 53060 Kb RAM, while the second uses 27,168 Kb RAM. While that’s not a vast amount, I still like to keep an eye on unnecessary resource consumption.

Did a quick Google search, but most results don’t list what insync-cef.exe might actually do.


Hi there, will be tagging our engineer @dipesh and he will get back to you :smile:

Hello @Shawn_J,

Insync-cef executable is launched as a subprocess by the Insync process, it is responsible for rendering the browser based application window and other dialogs. It is expected to run throughout the lifetime of the Insync.exe process.


This file seems to be triggering my aniti-virus software today (4/6/2016). I presume insynq just updated and the binary changed. Are others seeing this? Or is it just me (in which case it might be real?).

Give me a reason that when it takes 45% of my 32Cores 64 thread 4.3 Overclocked CPU Only when the PC is IDLE is it some sort of mining ???!? as it should be considered a scam. JUst when U make any click to the insync program it goes back to .1 or .2% ??! Do You have reason for that ?!

Hi @Ehab_Kandil,

Can you specify your Insync version and OS?

Please also send your log files to with the link to this post.