Insync continuous disk writes - no sync

Insync is continuously writing data to disk - despite no sync taking place at all. 30 minutes after launch and it has already written 1.2 GB of data. After a long day it could easily go up to 15 GB of data written to disk while there being absolutely no synchronization going on at all. What could be causing this issue?

I’m using the latest available Linux version in Fedora 33.

Hi! This is Mara from Insync Support.

Thanks for the report! Can you clarify with us the following questions:

  • What you mean by “data”? Are these your logs?
  • Do you see any errors on your Activity or Conflict Feed?
  • Is your app in a “Scanning” state?
  • Are you on version 3.3.5?

We’ll wait for your feedback!

  • See attached image. It has written as much data into the disk as Firefox even though it has barely been in an active state all day long.

  • There are no errors.
  • The app is not in a “scanning” state.
  • I am using the latest available version from your Fedora repo, and at the time it is version 3.3.4.

Thanks for these details!

Kindly send 2 sets of your log files with a 10-min interval from each set. Please refrain from doing any activity between the sets so your logs can focus on the bug.

I sent out the logs on February 7th. Haven’t heard back. Did you get them?


We might not have gotten your email. Are you on 3.3.6 now and still experiencing this? If yes, please resend your log files to us at and my email ( so I can make sure that we got it! :slight_smile:

Thank you!