Insync coredump on arch 5.19.6

Hi insync has not been working for a number of weeks, I tried doing a complete install again and I am getting the following error:
Failed to load module: /usr/lib/gio/modules/
at the start of the coredump.
Any suggestions, please.

Hi @adam_beavan! Could you let me know the exact steps you took to install Insync (right before hitting a dead-end with this error)?

The operating system is archlinux running 5.19.7 kernel. I downloaded the source code for insync 3.7.11 from the archlinux AUR , I compiled this to build a package that was installed using pacman. Everything proceeded as normal but on running the application it coredumps. I have been using insync for over a year now, with no problems.

@adam_beavan I’ve forwarded this to our Linux team to get more info and see what the next steps would be to get this running properly again.

Apologies for the trouble, and thank you for your patience!

Hi @adam_beavan

Can you send us the output after running insync start --no-daemon?

Tested out the AUR in 5.19.7 kernel but Insync runs fine

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Hi have recently just applied an upgrade and things seem to be working again, thank you for your response.

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Thanks for the update, @adam_beavan! :slight_smile: