Insync Crashing - Never Fully Synced for Months

Hello, Thank you for the software. However, it had been not functioning smoothly, with my Desktop, with more amount of files to sync.

  • Is there a a way to clean re-install Insync? Everytime I try to remove, purge, and delete the .confg Insyc folder, and reinstall, same old settings come back.

I had to create another folder to sync Google Drive, and comparing original folder with the newer one. Defeats the purpose of “Syncing:”

At this time, Insync has been crashing, everytime I load the applications.

Any solution besides the regular “Update to the newest version”? I do already have version: Version

I have been using Odrive (oxygen drive) on Windows, and I can depend on it. Corresponding with them, they are working on GUI interface for Unix systems. Insync is the only sync software that has GUI interface, and that is the only reason I am sticking with it for now, and trying to find a solution for a very buggy experience. I do have Ubuntu Focal.


Hi @Mystagogue!

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the trouble. You mentioned .config-- is this happening to a Linux machine and if so, what’s the distro (ie Ubuntu 20.04)? A clean reinstall can happen after a clean uninstall as shown here:

As for creating another folder-- is this the default that Insync suggests during onboarding? Because if so, users have the option to change it to their preferred local folder instead of creating a new one.

Do you have a lot of files (large files and/or smaller files) being synced around the time Insync crashes?