Insync Deleting files - no support

i ordered three licenses month ago.
Since then I am having the issue that Insync is deleting files.

I am working one my workstation on a google files. In the evening I use my notebook to watch a movie or smth. no work.
(both have insync installed).
Next morning i can not find the files in google. Reason: Insync trashed them.
Luckily i find most of the files in recycler bin.

Another case:
(old Support case, have been going back and forth like 20 times. I asked multiples times if I could just speak with a fellow developer from the team and resolve the issue or at least find my files, but so far no usefull reply only the support beeing evasive)
I take a huge chunk of local files, drop them into an empty shared folder of insync to upload them and sync them with my google drive. Due to space restrictions I had to cut them out instead of making a copy. After one day of uploading the files marked “uploaded” and i unsync the local copy. (not delete them, just unsync with cloud). Next: The files are gone. Literally gone. Not in insync locally, not in google drive. Allegedly i could find them in the HDD recycler bin. But that was sadly not the case. GB of important documents lost forever. You may say, naive from me. Granted. But this should also not happen. The issue is assume: Insync is uploading the folders and creating placeholder folders in g-drive. When it is done it checked if all folders are there. When unsyncing the local files, insync deleted the entire folder tree. But it never actually uploaded them, only file headers and empty folders.

I ask now here if someone of the devs is hearing this. Otherwise I like to return all my licenses as insync is destructive.

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sadly no response from support nor anybody. I send the support several times the log files.

I can reproduce the issue easily and it is clearly not save for startups to use this.

Hello, Kasimir. This is Mara from Insync Support.

We apologize for not being able to get to your post sooner and attending to your issues.

Given our latest version of the app (3.3.0), may I confirm that you are still encountering bugs from this latest version?

Thank you for following this up! We’ll work better in helping our users out.

The same identical thing began happening to me. I had to discontinue using it. I suggest you set up some files with practice folders because this software does not behave like others. Why in the world would unsyncing a folder locally cause the files to be deleted remotely??? That is absolutely absurd but that is exactly what seems to be happening. I need to test this scenario. Try it out and get back to me. I’ll do the same. It also doesn’t seem to know how to handle pre-existing files. I am going to vomit. I lost so many files because of this software.

Hi! Thanks for letting us know your feedback. Insync works on a 2-way sync set-up.

Why do your local copies get deleted when you click Unsync?
When you clicked your files to be synced from Cloud to Local, this is under the impression that you want a local copy so you can make changes remotely and sync them up to the cloud. And if you no longer need to make the changes locally, you click Unsync so it will be removed locally but kept in the cloud - where it originally is.

There is a pop-up message in the app when you click Unsync saying that this action will remove your files locally but kept in the cloud. If you want to keep the local copies but still want to Unsync them, our workaround is manually copying the file outside of your Insync Base Folder.

We’ve had a couple of requests from users like this as well so this feature is already lined up in our next major update. :slight_smile:

I hope this clarifies and have a nice day!