Insync deleting files when unselecting

this is crazy. insync deleting files without notification or allowing user to approve deletes. i have lost about 100 gb of data witin seconds.

secondly when i unselect some folders from sync why is it deleting it from my local pc? i only want it not to syn any new files from folder to google drive, instead it deleted all the files within the folder on local pc.

please help. is there something i am doing wrong or is it really buggy?

i’m now trying to locate the original 100 gb files and re-copying them.

to be safe i uninstalled insync until i understand what is happening.

Hi there, when unselecting your files, a prompt pops out, just like this one:

unselecting deletes it locally but it should still be in your Google Drive, is this not what happened?

yes this is exactly happening. i also found there is a selective unsync option when i right click. i assume this will not delete the files locally.

however i found another issue. if there are two folder with different name and when i sync, it starts merging them both, is this normal or am i missing anything.

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so our engineers can investigate?
How to find the log files