Insync Deleting files

Hi, ive been using insync for a couple years now (great progam by the way), and i have three accounts that
I have mounted on it that I access from multiple machines (windows and linux).
CONTINUALLY im noticing thats its deleting files… without me deleting it…
and I dont have the time to keep checking the insync trash folder, which appears to empty itself when it feels like… WHY is this doing this? This is EXTREMELY troubling… ALL of the accounts appear to be affected by this… What is the resolution?

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so we can check what might be causing this?
How to find the log files

I would have to gather logs from atleast 6 machines…
But even aside from that, Why is this Happening? This is seriously eroding my trust
in your product. Even now, I loaded a program that stored data in the insync folder
and files are missing… Why is this happening? What is prompting it to delete files
without warning and why is it also clearing the Trash folder also?