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We are looking at potentially using Insync, to sync one way, to our windows till estate of around 300 PC’S. The PC will just sync one folder that has various video files for our customer displays.

We use a WIM image to setup a new till. Can Insync be part of that WIM image without any need to interact with it? All the hardware is exactly the same, with Windows 10 as the OS.

Thanks for you help & time.

Hi @Fozz! :slight_smile: Thank you for reaching out!! Let me check if the use case you mentioned on the WIM image is possible.

Hi @Fozz! Our engineer just looked up

The Windows team thinks there should not be an issue in deploying Insync via WIM image :slight_smile: Do you intend to deploy Insync with an account already setup in the image or just the app?

We would like to do it with the account setup.

@Fozz It shouldn’t be an issue so long as the account setup is syncing to its own independent syncing folder(s) i.e. you are not intending to sync to a common folder (say on a network or external drive) from two or more deployments.

Please try and let us know how it goes. Thanks

Hi all,

I know its been a while since this thread was started.

But if it helps someone else…

I can confirm that version with a licence works as expected within a WIM when deployed.

I set up Insync on my master machine, created a WIM and deployed it to other machines and it worked perfectly.

Thanks Insync!!

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