Insync doesn't handle errors well


I’m running Insync on Ubuntu 18.04 and trying to migrate my Dropbox archives over to Google Drive using Insync. Unfortunately, I keep getting errors that completely stop the syncing process.

This is the latest example:


But I have also had errors around “DownloadGDBlob” - similar to Pointer to fix for DownloadGDBlob errors (inSync 3)

Unfortunately I have had to pay for a license (as I used a trial of the software a while ago) - is there a way of obtaining a refund (I’m sure I saw something mentioned when I signed up, but can’t see it now)?


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I’m having the same issue as well. I’m running Debian Buster.

Insync finally stops syncing when there are twelve errors.


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Same here. v3.0.20.40428 on Ubuntu 18.04.


Hi! Can you let us know if these issues persist on 3.0.21? New Insync version: 3.0.21

I’m still having the same issue after updating to 3.0.21.


Well I made it work in a roundabout way. I went to my and deleted the folder that was causing all the problems. In my case it was a “camera uploads” folder that was redundant as all the photos were also in my “google photos” folder so I didn’t lose anything.

As soon as I deleted that folder, Insync was able to complete all tasks normally. The “camera uploads” folder was also immediately removed from the folder on my computer so CAUTION, if you want to keep a folder you plan on deleting on, copy it or back it up somewhere locally before deleting it online.

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Thank you for this lead and feedback, @Sam_Crawford!