Insync doesn't launch on Ubuntu trusty


I have installed insync on my ubuntu trusty computer but it doesn’t start. Thru terminal I obtain: “zipimport.ZipImportError: not a Zip file: ‘/usr/lib/insync/’” I have read that in this case is usefull to add “-b /usr/lib/insync/” to “/etc/prelink.conf”. I have done it, but the problem remains. Any idea?

Thanks in advance


Tagging our engineer @jimperio and he will get back to you.


Three days after… and no information yet…


Perhaps you unzipped the Insync library file by mistake? I.e., you might have /usr/lib/insync/library/… as a folder.

Insync seems to want to do the unzipping for itself during the install process.


Thanks for your answer… I have installed thru the normal method in my linux distribution… Anyway, I have the unzipped insyncc pakiet: /usr/lib/insync/ . I think I shouldn’t unzip this, should I?


So many days and no answer … It does not seem serious to me and, therefore, I uninstall your application.