Insync-dolphin does not work with Plasma 6

No context menu entry and no overlay icons shown. Tested on Plasma 6.02 on Neon and Fedora 40 pre-Beta.

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Hi @edisso10018,

My apologies for the trouble! Am I understanding that you’ve already installed the package from And that you’ve also tried to restart your machine after installing said package?

Yes and yes. Did work with Plasma 5.27. now with Plasma 6 it does not work anymore.

I’ll have our Linux engineer check this out for you. I’ll be back on this forums thread as soon as I have more info :slight_smile:

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Same on KDE Neon with Plasma 6.0.2, Frameworks 6.0.0 and Qt 6.6.2.

Hello! Our engineer is looking into the changes on Plasma 6 that Insync may be clashing with.

Thank you for your patience!

Is there source code somewhere? I found something but it is the one for the old KDE4. By releasing the source code for the plugin you might get some help from the community.

@Guido_Iodice Let me check with the team :slight_smile:

@mia, thanks for asking the team.

On the other hand, I doubt the plugins contain anything sensitive regarding the InSync itself, and just interfaces with it.

I’m aware that InSync has a relatively small, but very dedicated use base (at least it looks like it from my PoV), and it does some unique things we depend on.

If you can at least open the plugins’ source code, and maybe a document detailing how to interface with Insync, we can at least give it a hand for situations like this. Or, better, build tools which depend on InSync allowing it to do more things.

We like InSync, its features and developers behind the tool. Let us help you.

If you’re unsure about licensing and other details, I can connect you to the correct people who’re knowledgeable about these things.



LPGL 3 license could be a safe choice.

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@mia any news about the porting on Plasma 6 or the open sourcing the Dolphin plugin?

Hello @Guido_Iodice, I have not received word from our engineers regarding this and would like to apologize on behalf of their team!

Upon checking with them, it seems like they are prioritizing a big deadline in the past couple of weeks. They would like to express their utmost gratitude for your patience and understanding. Rest assured that I will be following this up diligently.

Thank you!

Hmm. Plasma 6 was in beta since the beginning of this year. So more than 3 months to test and get it ready. That’s what beta releases are for.

And it was well known that Plasma 6 would bring some bigger changes.

Anyway, let’s wait and hope it doesn’t take to long now.

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Well consider that we are still waiting for the resolution of the Dolphin crash caused by the Insync plugin while a sync is in progress. Looks tough…

Any news on this? It’s been a while now…

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Nextcloud has already solved the issue. I never payed for their client.
I payed Insync but the problem is still there.

Nextcloud and InSync are completely different things.

Nextcloud uses its own standards and doesn’t have to debug protocol problems with other cloud providers, plus their revenue stream is different (disclaimer: I also administer a Nextcloud instance).

InSync tries to play well with others, plus try to add more features to cloud providers without upsetting them, plus the client is their only product.

I want to fix the problem before I upgrade to KDE6 too, but I don’t think the comparison is fair.

This problem has nothing to do with protocols and cloud providers.It has to do with the Dolphin plugin.
He would have a very trivial solution that takes a few minutes and that anyone could do if the source code for the plugin was available.

Hi everyone! I’ve requested to make the source code available for your convenience. I’m waiting for our engineer’s approval to provide it :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience!

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That would be great!

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