Insync & Fedora 29


Dear support,

I know I’m a little early, but in Fedora 29 Insync does not work. I tried the following versions:

Insync seems to work, but does not synchronize anything.

Greetings Eddie

[SOLVED] Cannot login after upgrade to Fedora 29

Hi @Eddie8!

Can you send us your out.txt and logs.db files located in ‘~/.config/Insync’?





insync- still has the same problem.


Hey @Eddie8,

Could you provide more details regarding the error you’re experiencing? :slight_smile:


Well, there are no more details… :wink:
UI starts up normal, but no synchronization happens. In the logs I provided I think the issue is comprehensible (I think something with zlib and/or GLib, perhaps because of the newer versions in F29?).


Okay, thanks for that @Eddie8! :slight_smile: I’ll tag our Linux engineer @Kurt_Ko so he can take a look at the issue.


Any news on the issues with Fedora 29?


Hey @Eddie8,

I’ll follow this up with our engineer. :slight_smile:



Can you try out this build and let us know if it works?



I also experienced problems on Fedora 29. I tried the fc26 rpm linked above and that works!


It works also for me! Thanks for the support, even F29 is still in beta!


I’m also using Fedora 29 Beta and everything works as expected!
Great work.