Insync Flatpack

Why hasn’t the team created a flatpack package for insync yet? I’m trying to install on openSUSE and it’s in error, if they had a more modern packaging format it certainly wouldn’t happen. I’m following the site’s tips.

What’s the exact problem you’re having? Semi isolating packaging formats like flatpak and snap are not good candidates for solving these kind of problems in my experience.

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@bayindirh I appreciate your response :slight_smile:

@Edivan_Santtos - perhaps you could share the pain points when installing the Insync packages (specific errors) so we can assist :slight_smile: Thank you!

A current problem with using Flatpak for an application like InSync is that the file manager integration currently cannot work in this way, as the application would need to break out of its sandbox for this. So no right-click menus and status badges.

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At first openSUSE is not officially supported by the package. You have to try workarounds. The unofficial site says to try a package for fedora 27, fedora is at version 35. Ie use an old and so outdated package? If there was a flatpack the package would have no problem with being supported or not by the distro, as almost all I know have flat support, and many even come enabled. Snap I ignore.

It is not possible to install the .rpm packages available for fedora on openSUSE Leap as they depend on libraries that are not available for the distro. And if you change these libraries, you will have to change many other dependencies, which can cause problems for the OS. It would be interesting to think about supporting the distro, be it the Leap or Tw version.

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Okay. Thanks for the answer. I thought it would be possible because I use Mega and Dropbox in flatpack in which distro has flat support. This prevents things like “distro supported” and “not supported”.

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Appreciate the feedback and sharing your insights @Edivan_Santtos. I will raise this to our Linux team for consideration :slight_smile:

Thank you for the assist, @RobinJ1995! :slight_smile:

The unofficial site says to try a package for fedora 27, fedora is at version 35. Ie use an old and so outdated package?

The Fedora 27 package is not outdated per se, it’s also sitting at v3.7.0 as of today, which is the latest version. Latest InSync is always built against different targets and distributed like that way. So, if the dependencies of Fedora 27 package is similar with your SuSE system, go for it. You’d be getting the latest InSync nevertheless.

Debian packages are in the same situation. The package is tagged buster, but works up to bookworm as of today. They create no problems whatsoever. Building against older dependencies doesn’t mean the package is outdated.

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