Insync folder looses its special symbol


From time to time the Insync folder is loosing its special folder symbol and it looks like a normal folder. This happens by a reset of the write protection flag of the folder.

It took a very long time to find out who resets this flag of the folder. Now I found out that it is the Insync app and the problem is easily reproducible. At least unter Windows 10.
On the Google Drive website you just have to move a file to the root of the drive. As soon as the Insync app synchronizes the changes the write protection flag of the base folder gets reset and it looks like a normal folder.

And before someone asks for log files: The support already has my log files from this (still open) problem:


tagging our engineer for follow up @dipesh


Will I ever get answers to my two problems? I have been waiting for over a month now…


Hello @peterbonge,

Sorry to have missed replying to this post.

Insync does set its own icon on the Insync folder. However, subsequently, if Windows changes that, it does not try to redraw its icon again.

Please read the following thread on how to restore the shell folder icons:




but it’s the Insync client who resets the write protection flag of the base Insync folder. Easily reproducible! You just have to move a file to the base “My Drive” folder on the web.


Hello? Some progress would be nice…


@dipesh Somehow I’m not really satisfied with the support here…
And for an useful answer to my other problem (link in first post) I’m already waiting since the middle of last December…


Hello @peterbonge

Sorry about the support experience. We got busy with other higher priority tasks.

Insync has to remove the read-only flag on the folder in order to move a file to it. Previously, we would redraw icon periodically. Will check if there is a better solution to this or else we might just revert to the original solution.

As to the other issue raised by you, yes, we will work on that soon as well. Sorry that we could not take your issues on priority. We hope to address both of them soon.



Hello @dipesh

I know that my issues are not so big and I understand that you all are busy, but having to wait months is really annoying.

And why does Insync have to remove the read-only flag? That doesn’t make sense to me. Other cloud sync apps don’t have to do this.