Insync for macOS 64-bit?


The new macOS 10.15 Catalina requires that applications be 64-bit in order to run. However, Insync on the Mac is still 32-bit.

Is there a timeline for a 64-bit version of Insync, or even a beta version of Insync that is 64-bit?



Hi @hexalellogram,

Yes, we’re working on it. Insync 3 (on beta) is on 64-bit.


Is it possible to get access to the beta version? I updated to 10.15 and Insync right now is the only app I use that doesn’t work, which is annoying (no sync of my local files with Google Drive for days).


Hi @Paolo_Belcastro,

Yes, you can download the beta build over at


Thank you very much.