InSync for Raspberry PI 400

Hi all,

I’ve been using InSynch for some years now and I recommend it to all my pupils and fellow teachers.
Since I am a paid owner, I’ve been using it to Synch OneDrive and Google drive (including shared folders) BUT, I now need to do the same with Raspbian (the Raspberry Pi OS) and I’m not clear on the state of paly / plans for this?

Can anyone offer any advice on and ETA for a working version or, failing, an alternative GUI-based (it’s for beginner students) approach to the same kind of quality synching that InSynch gives us!

Thanks all

Thank you for reaching out here @SirClickALot! :slight_smile: I have responded to your inquiry via email.

In case other users are wondering the same, we do not have an official Raspbian support. But if you’re on AMD architecture (aka not ARM), you could give our Debian builds a crack :slight_smile: