Insync gnome problems

I have problem I’m on the arch gnome 3.28.1 I have instaled gnome shelll extension TopIcons plus and I have insync but there is no right-click mouse function and I cannot enter insync Something is wrong, icon is with red sign but I cannot resolve that.
What is hapening with gnome devs
They are acting like Apple
Apple =no home button on smartphones and fingerprint reader
Gnome devs=no more right click mouse funcionality
Are they work for Apple???


Sorry for the trouble. :frowning: Tagging our engineer @beatobongco @Kurt_Ko for assistance.

Alternatively, you can send your log files to with the link to this post.


This is still an issue.
TopIcon plus doens’t work any more for some users and is now unmaintained.
ubuntu app indicator also has issues