Insync GUI frozen/non-responsive

Recent Insync install version, on Kubuntu 20.04 (fully updated). Initial sync of Google Drive flawless. Insyc syncing to /mnt/SeagateNTFS/Insync (this is a 4Gb USB-C connected external drive).

Added single folder on mounted terrabyte drive: /mnt/1Tb_2ndDrive/Pictures to since up to Google Drive (where I have 2Tb of drive space).

Significant issues. I’d start Insync. It would scan folders, list set of files to sync, indicate for each of them a “syncing” status, with the top item in the list a path on /mnt/1Tb_2ndDrive which showed as ‘scanning’ - but Insync would not continue syncing. The display froze, no items updated, and no file syncing occurred.

Today, after leaving Insync unrunning for several says, I ran it. And it began syncing. And has been syncing for five hours, about 20Gb of data. This makes me happy (though it has many 100s of Gb to go).

But … the Insync GUI is frozen as shown in this image. I have no access to Pause, etc. Is it allowed to use the CLI tools if I need to?

Hello @gstalnaker,

My apologies for the trouble you faced!

By frozen, do you also mean that you cannot collapse the sync queue by clicking “Syncing…” at the bottom right?

Mia - yes. The GUI one sees on clicking on the taskbar icon or by tying

% insync show

was frozen. No parts of it responded to a click. So, for example, if I change my VPN status (I WFH and use an employer’s VPN) I could not Pause syncing while shifting from VPN to non-VPN networking).

I disconnected VPN with Insync running, it killed syncing (just stopped even with Insync running). I had to force quit Insync from a terminal and restart it. I checked this morning and the pop-up window was actually completely blank though Insync was syncing data:

As today is a workday, I used the CLI insync tool to quit Insync, log into VPN, and start Insync. And it’s all working now, including the UI

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Thank you for the update, @gstalnaker.

If you’d like this to be investigated further, please do send your logs to with the link to this post:

Do include the ff:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • “data” folder
  • “live” folder

These are in ~/.config/Insync. Thank you!

I am having the same issue on a Mac running Big Sur. How do I fix this? I selected the button to upgrade and it looks like it was trying but now it keeps saying syncing and none of the files are syncing. The app just froze and is not responding in the activity monitor. I don’t think it is syncing anymore. How do I fix this? Scared I will lose data. Happening on a Mac running Big Sur

Hey @mileskemp! This was a bug introduced in 3.7.4. To resolve the issue, please force quit Insync via the Activity Monitor, then download the latest build from

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile: