Insync hangs or is very slow (Mac)

since i believe 1.2.6 insync is very slow or hangs on my Mac (OS X 10.10.3, also on 10.10.2).
Currently i’m using, the newest version.
I have an drive abo with 110GB. (nearly full)

@sisyphus I’m really sorry for this much-delayed response. We are aware of some issues that may happen when the disk is nearly full, and are working on improving Insync’s behavior in this case. Would it be possible for you to clear some more space in the meantime? Thanks!

@jimperio, thanks for your reply,
I hope you understand me correctly. Not my disk on my notebook is full, but my disk on google drive. do you mean clear space on google drive? thats not possible yet.
Do you mean, that this Bug is resolved, when ordering more space? Sorry for my bad english.

@sisyphus Ah, I see, I misunderstood.

Are there any errors or actions required in the Insync app window?

Could you send an email to with your logs ( attached? We will be able to troubleshoot your issue in more detail then.