Insync-headless error: UNIQUE constraint failed

I’m getting the following when using insync-headless v. on ubuntu 14.04:

gardarh@kima:~$ insync-headless start
gardarh@kima:~$ insync-headless get_status
gardarh@kima:~$ insync-headless get_status
gardarh@kima:~$ insync-headless get_status
gardarh@kima:~$ insync-headless get_errors
Can’t process CD5Einstein - His Life & Universe (8).mp3 - UNIQUE constraint failed: ref_gd_files.parent_id,

@gardarh: Apologies for the trouble. Please try unsyncing that file then resyncing it. Take note though that if you unsync the file then it will be deleted from your Insync folder. If that didn’t work send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

Removing that file moved the status to SHARE. I issued a insync-headless reject_all_new_shares xx@xx and the status moved to “synced”. This feels odd since I believe I already did this a while back.

Just to give some background my original issue started when I upgraded from 1.3.8 to 1.3.14. I’m afraid I upgraded while insync was in the midst of syncing files so my issue may be a result of an unclean termination of insync.

Currently the problem is that there is a bunch of files I copied to my drive before the issue occurred that have not yet been synced to the cloud but are on my local box and insync does not detect that, i.e. I’m not seeing the new files pop up in Google Drive in my browser. If I add a new file to my gdrive folder it will sync.

How do I force insync to re-evaluate my folder and upload whatever files are missing from the cloud?

@gardarh: The reject_all_new_shares command only applies to the current pending shares when you ran the command. If a new file was shared to you after then you have to accept or reject it again, it will not be processed automatically.

For your current issue, please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.