Insync headless is not included in your "Personal Sync" license

five months ago I installed insync-headless (I don’t remember why, unfortunately, but at that time it was my only option) and then I removed it, probably with dpkg -r insync-headless. Then I went back to insync_3.8.4.50481-jammy_amd64.deb and everything worked as expected.
Today I used insync from the command line to investigate why syncing was apparently stuck and the response was:

insync status
Insync headless is not included in your “Personal Sync” license. Visit for more info.
dpkg -l | grep insync
ii insync amd64 Sync all your Google Drive & OneDrive accounts to your local filesystem

Can you please help me to restore the original behavior of the insync command?

Hi! The Personal Sync Plan does not include command line syncing since this is for our Desktop version (GUI) only. You can get more information here:

If you’d like to sync via command line as well as GUI, you may acquire a new license from :slight_smile: