Insync-headless sync to custom location?


I am trying to setup insync-headless on my storage server, but don’t want to use the default sync location. I have specific existing folders I need to sync from their current locations. This can be done with the desktop gui, but I can’t figure out how to do it with insync-headless.

Any help is appreciated.


My workaround was to start sync and then

insync-headless pause_syncing
insync-headless move_folder /home/bobek/original_folder /home/bobek/new_folder
insync-headless resume_syncing


I don’t understand how this helps. Insync’s default destination is /home/[user]/[email] but I don’t want anything in that folder at all. Instead I want to sync, for example, remote GDrive:/Archive to local /data/Userdata/Archive - this is completely outside of home directory.


Destination of the move_folder is an arbitrary folder, so it can read

insync-headless move_folder /home/bobek/ /tank/data/my_insync


Hmm, that could work, but it sounds like I will have to do some extra steps since where I’m moving the folder to already exists. Won’t I need to move the existing folder out of the way, do the move, then move the contents of the original folder into the original location?


That sounds about right. I don’t think that insync would know what to do with that data. But I dunno, this sounds like reasonably simple thing.


Ok, now it looks like this is no good again. It seems move_folder is used to move the entire insync destination path. Again, this is not what I want. I want to arbitrarily sync existing directories on my filesystem with google. I do not want or use the insync directory AT ALL.

Some examples to clarify

Google Path                 Local Path

Archive                     /world/UserData/Jason/Archive
Games                       /world/Games
Google Photos               /home/jason/Pictures
Documents                   /home/jason/Documents

Note that in some cases the local destination directory may not even have the same name as the Google Drive directory.

When I try to move Archive I get this:

insync-headless move_folder /home/jason/[email]/Archive /world/UserData/Jason/Archive
Account associated with path not found.

I suspect this is because I am not moving the entire insync directory

This is all possible with the insync gui. It should be possible with the headless version.


Ah ok, gotcha. I don’t know then, I would just fiddle with the insync config :slight_smile: I have solved similar situation before GUI was capable of doing this through simple symlinks.


Replying for anyone else looking to do this. Synlinks was the answer. Setup your account, start syncing, pause syncing, remove the directories and symlink the proper destination to inside your insync folder. Then resume_syncing. It takes a minute (depending on the amount of data I’m sure), but insync figures it out and starts syncing to the new location.