Insync integration for Mint 20.3 (Nemo)

The integration insync-nemo ( with Nemo desktop manager (Mint 20.3, Cinnamon) does not show any icon overlays.I am using latest Insync version

What is wrong?

@michal.kvasnicka Let me check this out with our Linux team. Thank you!

Any progress regarding insync integration for NEMO desktop manager on Mint 20.3 Cinnamon???

Hello @michal.kvasnicka. I am following it up with our engineers - we had to prioritize major bugs introduced in 3.7.4 this week, and we apologize for any delays regarding the issue you reported.

I will update you as soon as I have received our Linux engineer’s response regarding this. Thank you for your patience.

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Hello again @michal.kvasnicka. :slight_smile: Our engineer has confirmed that this is an issue and has lined it up for investigation so we can deploy a fix.

There is no ETA for the fix yet, but I will update here :slight_smile:

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@mia I just want to say, that this issue is really annoying. I am using Insync icon overlays in NEMO desktop manager permanently to check if the file or directory is synced. Now, due to the issue, is my Insync use much less comfortable! So, I will be really very happy for fixed update ASAP!!!

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We understand the pain points! :frowning: Thank you for your patience regarding this issue.

The problem is probably present only in a case when insync files are located on other disk, not on a system disk. This is my case!!!

Any progress with fix???

I see. Let me check that out with the engineer so we can align your observations with our current leads.

I will also check if there has been an ETA lined up for this one.