Insync is deleting all



Insync is deleting all my files and directories that I never say it can delete.

Suddenly all my Document directories and files have been deleted. Fortunately I have found it on .insync-trash plus I commonly make a physical backup.


Hi @Nestor_Acevedo,

So sorry for the trouble! Were these only trashed locally and kept intact on Google Drive? If so, was there any chance that the directories might have been unsynced?


Exactly. I have found a lot of files/directories on Insync trash, but as I have been moved/deleted files/directories then maybe these trashed files are actually an old version.

Why have been unsynced?

The content of a lot of folders in Drive is empty, so only remained these directories because still aren’t full “synced”.


Hi @Nestor_Acevedo,

My apologies! I meant to ask if these are shared files that might have been unshared from you as it can be a reason why it was locally trashed. Another common cause is that the file/folders have been moved to the Drive trash (on Drive web, via another Insync or sync client, etc). Have the files been restored on your end?

Please send your log files and dbs folder to with the link to this post. The dbs folder is in the same location as the logs. Thank you!


I already sent the logs via wetransfer but you didn’t downloaded/received any notification about it.

Again has happened, but at this time a lot of files have been DELETED PERMANTENTLY. This app has generated a lot of frustrating and VERY BAD experience and I am going to dispense with this.


So, I read something similar issue on and it gets worse. Just for the sake, you have backup for all the files that have deleted, right ?