Insync is deleting files?

I’ve just installed inSync at a client’s office to sync their data files from their server to GD.

I have a folder full of program files that is very large, and I don’t wish to sync it. So within inSync, I unticked that folder.

I also did an exception of *.exe files to skip things like Office ISO’s etc.

The entire folder tree was backed up to GD, and now I have errors saying “Failed to delete [folder name]”. This is good, because it shouldn’t be deleting anything. Except it has! It has deleted everything in that Computer folder that is not an .exe file! Some of the files are located on the GD on the web, and thankfully I have a local backup as well.


Hi @cateyed I apologize for this, we would like to investigate this asap. Please send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files