Insync is pretty bad at syncing

I have an Insync folder on my Ubuntu (Google Drive).
I copied this folder to another computer and then installed Insync there. First, it didn’t want to choose the folder I selected (it started to use default one). Then, I finally chose the right folder, it started to mess with my data! It created .insync-trash, moved some files there. Then another computer (initial Ubuntu one) started to sync with this mess! Initially, my Ubuntu Insync folder had some amount of files, now it increased (some files moved to .insync-trash, I don’t know what else was deleted, created, moved, etc.). It’s a disaster.
Never ever I had such problems with Dropbox.

Oh, cool, now Google Drive says I’m out of space. Excellent.

And it is not the first time I have sync problems (it creates duplicate files over time, I had other sync problems with freshly installed Insync…). Why Insync cannot have a smart default behavior so that I don’t need to be stressed every time I connect a new computer? Why Dropbox can do synchronization in an intelligent way (and I don’t need to think about problems)?

I will search for alternatives. I’m really tired of spending my time fixing Insync failures.

Addition. I used both Insync and Dropbox for many years (these are the only two programs I used to manage my files, actually). And I always had some kind of problems with Insync, and never with Dropbox. Idk why I used Insync for so long. After today’s problem (lost several hours placing my data to their original folders etc. on Google Drive), I finally deleted Insync from all of my computers.

I guess I cannot edit the post after some time. I just wanted to add that I switched to Syncthing. Not only it is free, open-source and decentralized, but it is also unlimited (in storage size) and reliable! Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, and other hosting services make no sense.
So, yep, deleting this account.