Insync is stuck in "Scanning for changes"


Insync is stuck in “Scanning for changes” mode forever. I reinstalled the latest version ( but it did not help. Restarting the computer also did nothing.
The problem is on a 64-bit Windows 8.1.


Sorry for bothering, somehow Insync managed to figure out the changes and synchronize the files.

The problem is fixed now.


Good to hear, @Oleg_Salnikov! If there’s anything else you need just let us know! :slight_smile:


This is perhaps more an issue of Insync not reporting enough progress info in the UI rather than actually stuck?


Seems that it was real stuck because the files were also not synchronized in the web version of Google Drive.


This is expected for a period of time. Insync needs to… as the UI says… “scan” first (indexing local files, going through activity history, etc.), and only start actual syncing after the scan is done. If there’re many changes in your Google Drive, the scanning phase can last a long time.


I know that Insync is scanning changes for some time, but usually it takes only several minutes. That time it was scanning for more than an hour.


It all depends on the amount of changes and files. If there’s a large number of changes (or just general Google Drive activities) since last time Insync ran on the machine, an hour-long scan is normal. The same is true for other sync clients or services (e.g. Dropbox).
Anyway, more info in the UI can also help users judge whether Insync is really stuck or just doing background work.


In my case, at first there were no changes at all from the previos time I ran Insync on my laptop. Then I modified just two files locally. So, this was definitely a wrong operation of Insync.


Is there any way to speed up the scanning process? I was away from work for a week and didn’t change many files in my Drive from home. However, Insync is “Scanning for changes” for 2 hours now. My Drive has 12.1 GB in 18234 files and 2014 folders. What is it doing the whole time?


Hi @mbirth, could you please try to re-install the latest version and let me know if “Scanning for changes” still happens? Thank you!