Insync isn't syncing folder with specific name

my Insync has a problem with a specific folder name (“Git”), if it is created in a specific place. This is very strange. It all started with a duplicate of this folder being created by Insync. “Git 1” and “Git” existed. I then tried to sort everything out, deleted both folders in the cloud and completely resynced the parent folder. Whenever I try to create this folder, it somehow isn’t synced and watched. So if I create it on this specific machine, it’s not synced to cloud, and whenever I put anything in this folder changes are not uploaded and not downloaded. if I create it in the cloud (or on another device) It’s not even created. Did this folder somehow happen to be on a black list, because it was a duplicate once? Or is there any cache that I need to delete? I can create it in any other place or with any other name. Just this name and place confuses Insync. I would really like to name my folder this way. And I would like to know, why this happens :).
Thanks ins advance.

So, I fixed this by deleting my configs and setting up Insync anew. Everything works again now, but I had to resync completely. I would send you my logfiles anyway. Maybe this helps.

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Hi @gernophil,

We would need to take a look at the log files to investigate why it’s not being watched, but seeing that you were able to start anew, the log files might not have the info we need.

In case you bump into a similar issue, please feel free to email with your log files.

Hey @mia,
I backed up the logs, so I’m gonna send them to you later.

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Thank you so much for backing up the logs prior to starting over. This is much appreciated, @gernophil.