Insync just deleted two huge folders :(


from yesterday to today Insync deleted two of my core folders in my cloud and I am unable to recover them from the GDrive Bin as they seem to harddeleted.
My computer at home is online and will probably sync this mess, ie also delete the files. My laptop holds some old copies of the files so hopefully they are not lost once I turn it on (I’ll turn off the wireless adapter before plugging in the laptop).

How can I prevent this from happening again?

I use Insync on my main computer, my laptop and my work computer and they pretty much all sync this “core” stuff, so I cannot affort to go “back” in time regarding my files. (New stuff is added to them pretty much every day)


Hi @pascal I apologize for this, can you send in your logs (How to find the log files) along with the link to this post to


Hi @jaduenas I just send the logs to the email address. Hopefully the log contains the information you need.
Ps: I could retrieve the files back from the GDrive bin (at home). It didnt work somehow from my work computer…?
Pps: On my laptop I renamed the folders (to have them synced under a new name, so no files are lost) but as soon as I enabled wifi it deleted the files also. What would be the best way to “stop” this behaviour in the future? (If not renaming files is enough)