Insync just quits instead of doing something useful

I accidentally deleted the folder on my local machine where I sync my Google Drive to.
Now insync refuses to do anything.

When I execute insync start it says the /home/user/GoogleDrive directory does not exist.
Fine, but this is no reason to just exit.

mkdir /home/user/GoogleDrive
insync start

The base folder created at /home/user/GoogleDrive is empty. Please restore the base folder contents then retry to continue syncing or confirm that you want to unsync all contents (they will remain in the cloud).

How can I make insync to just sync again from the Cloud?

Hi @Gunter_Zochbauer1!

Could you please let me know if you’re able to restore the base folder that was accidently deleted? Afterwards, restart Insync and let me know if the base folder error persists.

No, I can’t, otherwise I had tried that already, because that’s what the error message suggests.

Hi @Gunter_Zochbauer1,

Could you confirm your Insync version and OS? If you’re on v3.8.4, there should be a locate function once you’ve manually restored your deleted base folder.

If you’re running a different version (i.e., Insync-headless), it’s best to remove your account, make sure you’ve restored the local base folder and its contents completely (also ensuring that the local copies are updated), then re-add your account.

Let me know! Happy to assist further after we confirm your Insync version + OS :slight_smile:

Insync version
Linux Dev 5.15.89-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Jan 20 21:34:55 CET 2023 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Thank you @Gunter_Zochbauer1! If you’re seeing this on your Errors tab, then you can click locate. A pop-up window will show and you can navigate to the restored base folder to select that.

However, if you’re finding this to be more complex, it’s best to remove your account, then re-add it. You’ll be able to continue syncing afterwards. To note: Please make sure that the local folder has updated copies of your files.

Thank you!

There is no errors tab, because the app immediately exits after starting

The best course of action, in that case, is to do a clean uninstallation of Inysnc, then reinstall. From there, select a new, empty base folder for Insync in order to sync files from the cloud.