Insync keeps crashing on Ubuntu 20.04


Insync keeps crashing for a week or two now, on all my 4 Ubuntu 20.04 computers, updating to 3.7.7 didn’t helped, downgrading to 3.7.6 neither.

Below is out.txt end of file:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “idesklinux/”, line 70, in __index_apps_for_mimetypes
File “”, line 696, in read
File “”, line 1091, in _read
configparser.DuplicateOptionError: While reading from ‘/usr/share/applications/defaults.list’ [line 280]: option ‘application/xhtml+xml’ in section ‘Default Applications’ already exists
js: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

Insync crashes without the GUI being open, so does not seem to be related to the 3.7.7 issue.

I’m unable to sync my computers which prevent me from working, this is really annoying (and I’m not complaining for the countless bugs encountered since 1 year, despite relying on frozen systems…)

Any help highly appreciated, thank you

Hello @oleg!

We apologize for the trouble. Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? Please also include the output of insync start --no-daemon.

Hi again, @oleg!

Could you send us the output of:
lsb_release -c
apt-cache policy insync

Thank you!

Hi Mia, it is all sent, thank you

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we are looking into similar reports on popos and debian 11

Hey all, please give these builds a try and let us know if the crashing issue persists:

Insync 3.7.8 for Linux users

Hello, tried the focal build but it crashed after a few minutes while scanning

Hi @oleg,

We are investigating this further. Could you send your latest logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? Those 2 files should be in ~/.config/Insync.

Please also include the ff outputs in your email:

Output of:
lsb_release -c
apt-cache policy insync
insync start --no-daemon

Thank you!

Hi! Please give this version a try for the Ubuntu 20.04 crashing issue: New Insync version: 3.7.9