Insync Linux Arch

when launching insync the icon appears on the the taskbar…however after that nothing happens …no sync with my gmail accounts and the icon remains white…i cant even open insync to get more details …i cant close / quit (only through task manager)…in fact the only thing it does is kick my cpu and cooling fans into super drive…:frowning:

@ralpheeee88 Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

thxs I…unfortunately I cant even access or open the menu tray…

Please try the ~/.config/Insync folder and send the logs.db and out.txt files.

i uninstalled insync and installed again which worked…but now the same things happens again:

@ralpheeee88 Your logs have entries that refer to paths that look like /home/ralpheeee/cloud/ Backup/.config/teamviewer10/drive_c/users/ralpheeee/My Music/.config/teamviewer10/drive_c/users/ralpheeee/My Music/... which suggests a symlink cycle. Please resolve this and restart Insync.