Insync Linux Reinstall Issues

I have been using insync for years now just fine. My base folder was set to
And I use symlinks to sync Documents Pictures etc…

Recently I had to reinstall my OS. My /home is on a separate SDD than OS, so it shouldn’t be a problem. However, I just saw that I have no more space on /home. Inspecting the directory, I see that I have a different base folder for insync since I reinstalled the OS
/home/knichel/Insync/ Drive/
So, now I have duplicate files.

I am fairly certain that I have not edited any files on my local system since I reinstalled the OS. I typically edit in the cloud. I figured I could just change the base, but when I click on “Change” nothing seems to happen, however, 10-15 minutes later the file open dialog box opens for me to select a new base location.
My concern is that I might end up with files from my old base overwriting the newer files in the cloud. Can I set insync to only sync down and then after several days reset to 2-way syncing?

Regarding Symlinks, some have said I should NOT use symlinks. the problem is that I don’t want to have to remember to go into my base folder every time. Would I be better off changing the “Documents” folder in my root/home to be a link to the same folder in the insync base instead of using a symlink to my /home/knichel/Documents inside of my insync base?

Hi @knichel :slight_smile: I have responded to your email regarding this, with steps provided specific to your use case. Thank you!